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Bob is the owner of CycleBuy. He started the company in 1998 wanting to make a living sharing his wealth of information with people who had the same passions that he did. CycleBuy has excelled to become the number one dealer in the US for Rekluse auto clutches, Clarke gas tanks, Enduro Engineering products, and the long list of products from Pro Moto Billet/Fastway Performance. They are also a top five dealer for IMS, Flatland Racing, G2 Ergonomics and Acerbis.

The business was started providing invoice information to buyers of new motorcycles helping them to negotiate the best possible price for new equipment. Two years later he started selling accessories and he has never looked back. Following his motto of “There is nothing here I wouldn’t run on my bike or sell to my best friend,” CycleBuy has built a loyal following of trail riders all over the world. So when you call and chat with Bob, or any one of the other guys, you can rest assured you are getting the best products available.


It was a rocky start for a guy who is now the number one dealer of some pretty big names in the business! Like a lot of Moms, Bob’s did not like motorcycles. She feared for her son’s safety and forbid him to own one while he lived under her roof. So, like many teenage boys, Bob purchased his first bike, a Yamaha DT 250A, just after graduating high school and moving out in 1977.

That partially stripped down Yamaha was Bob’s commuter as well as sometimes offroad ride for better than a year. Enjoying the road aspect of riding more at the time, Bob moved up to a full-fledged street bike, a Honda CB 400F. That motorcycle and Bob saw a lot of country and took him on his first sport riding touring trip. With his sleeping bag and essential equipment strapped to the back, he left Southern California and hit the road for ten sight-seeing days through some of the prettiest parts of the state.

The trip was not without its interesting tales though. A stretch of I-5 was so boring Bob used it as an opportunity to see how far he could ride hands free. With the cruise control keeping the speed slightly above the legal limit, he balanced for over a hundred miles without once touching the bars.


Then there was the freeway exit in Gilroy that was covered with runny cow droppings from a transport rig. Not seeing it until he was in it, he was quickly given a lesson in riding dirt track style. His biggest worry as he slithered about on the greasy road was that he only had one pair of jeans and really did not want to crash in that stuff!

His travels took him to Yosemite where he admired the beautiful rock formations but really loved the curvy road getting there. In fact, Bob would start most days by checking the map, finding the squiggliest line between where he was and where he wanted to go, and then take that road. Sometimes where he wanted to go was just to the end of that squiggly line.

The next few years saw him work his way up through a collection of F Series Honda street bikes. He started with the CB 750F, moved up to the CB 900F and finally graduated to the CB 1100F in March of 1983. This bike was not only his regular daily transportation, but Bob turned it into a weekend racer as well, taking it to Willow Springs to duel with the rest of the Southern California asphalt warriors. This bike was totaled in October of that same year with over 25,000 miles on it.


For 1984 Bob received his AMA Pro Superbike license and participated in several west coast Nationals and finished second, two points out of first, in the ARRA Willow Springs Championship Series. In 1987, after two years in the GSXR Cup Series, Bob retired from road racing because of the excessive cost and with a new family, the safety concerns.

Not able to swear bikes off completely, Bob bought a Honda XR 600 dirt bike. It seemed like a good idea at the time. A way to go out and run around with some of his road racing buddies, only on trails. No cops, no little old ladies in Lincoln’s and no temptation to go back to the track. That was a good move. Before long, he switched over to a 1990 Honda CR 250 and quickly followed that with a 1991 CR 250.

Cycle Sports, a dealership in Eugene, Oregon was looking for a new General Manager and Bob and Belle were all for moving someplace with a slower lifestyle and a better place to raise their young girls, who were just about to start school. They had just experienced the 1994 Northridge earthquake and moving to Oregon seemed like a solid decision shall we say.

It did not take him long to meet up with some local crazies who shared their knowledge of trails all over the northwest. Bob went on to become very involved in the local offroad motorcycle club, the Emerald Trail Rider Association. He and Belle took care of the website, flyers and lots of other duties for quite many years. In addition, Bob could always be found behind the scoring computer at the club’s annual race, the Funky Chicken.

In 2000 Bob was a member of Team WHO (Well Hung Over) that competed in all of the OMRA series races where Bob won two classes: 40 Amateur X-Country series and 40 Amateur ISDE series. Not only did Bob perform well, but every member won their respective class as well, and the group as a whole dominated the Team Challenge class, easily taking the first place trophy.

Riding with guys of this caliber has brought his skills to a level he did not imagine. The more challenging and technical the terrain, the more that Bob enjoys it.

The Supermoto scene hit the Northwest in about 2004 and Bob began riding some select events. He gave it his full attention for the 2005-2006 season. Putting his years of road racing experience to good use, he collected the NW Open Intermediate Supermoto Championship and earned second place in the Open Amateur class.


Recently Bob and Belle purchased dual sport machines and enjoy leisurely bops around the countryside, whether that be the Willamette Valley or nice roads around the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, their favorite place to do their favorite thing, go camping and riding.

All of this riding has not been without a bit of pain. Though he doesn’t crash often, when he does, it is often painful. Recently Bob came up a bit short on a big jump. Riding on the balls of his feet, the compression pushed his heels down and blew out both of his Achilles tendons. Surgery and six-weeks in a wheelchair are behind him and he is now undergoing physical therapy to get things back to where they should be so he can start riding again!

When asked about his favorite part of running CycleBuy he confesses that being able to work at something he truly loves and talking to fellow offroad enthusiasts make it seem more fun than work! He thoroughly enjoys talking to riders that share the same passions. The staff at CycleBuy is great and he gets to work with Belle every day.