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Pat's Acres Update 3/30/06

I visited yesterday, hoping to find new information about when motorcycles might be allowed to start practicing there again.  No news on the web site, but it did say "Newly configured track Open for Business!"

Since I had to drive to Portland today to pick up some display items for our shop, I decided to stop by Pat's Acres to look at the new track section and talk to Chris and Lisa.  The new section replaces one of my favorite turns on the track, but they really had no choice, as the high water levels this winter had eaten away a good portion of the old turn.

The new track section adds two new braking / passing areas and an additional section of pavement can be used to create a new track configuration by connecting the outside of the long track directly to the new section.

Chris will be meeting with county officials soon and expects to have a better idea of what the final outcome will be by mid-April.  Until all issues are resolved motorcycles will not be allowed to practice or race at Pat's Acres.

Click on any image for a larger view
  Yes, it needed to be done.  This is the outer edge of the old turn.  No runoff room here!  Kinda reminds me of racing at Cascade Locks.
  The approach to the new section is straight, leading into a hard braking area followed by a tight 90 degree left.
  From the apex of the first new turn looking back.  The short connector section is visible here.  This section will bypass the inner loop of the long track and connect directly into the new section to create a new track configuration.
  The exit of the first new turn leads into a short straight followed by a hard braking area and a tight turn leading back to the old track.
  Apex of the second new turn.
  Looking from the old track back onto the exit of the new section.